RMR Capital


RMR Capital Group is an innovative financial provider focusing on the security alarm industry. Dealers benefit from highly flexible programs designed to drive retention of house accounts and build long-term wealth.

RMR Capital Group’s core mission is to offer capital programs that allow the independent Dealer to be self-reliant. We understand that Dealers can lose operational control and brand identity when they access capital from traditional dealer programs and funding sources. RMR Capital Group focuses on supporting the Dealer with time-consuming administrative operations like quality assurance, invoicing, collections, and sales tax administration. This allows the Dealer to focus on their core operations of selling, installing, and servicing. With RMR Capital Group as an ally, Dealers enjoy the freedom to operate their business and have more financial flexibility to meet evolving needs.

By establishing an office in Minnesota, the heart of the United States, RMR Capital Group has been able to quickly create flourishing relationships with central stations, equipment vendors, and Dealers across the nation.

Together, we can build your LEGACY