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Your Legacy

Capital programs as unique and dynamic as your business

Your capital program needs to bring real value to your business, not just quick cash. It needs to facilitate your company’s growth, not be a barrier. RMR Capital Group and Dealers align interests to create long-term value.

With this aspiration in mind, RMR Capital Group developed programs that meet your short-term needs and help you create long-term enterprise value. After collecting extensive feedback from Dealers, we have crafted loan, purchase, and hybrid programs to achieve your aspirations.

Start enjoying the benefits of working with a personalized capital provider and choose the program that is advantageous to you.


The LEGACY Program has been crafted with direct feedback from Dealers to establish a loan at near purchase multiples. The unique program allows you an opportunity to build real wealth.

The LEGACY Program features:


The Loan Program is perfect for Dealers with low creation costs who need access to capital. Whether it is for a national marketing campaign, a new sales representative, or a new truck, the Loan Program provides capital that will allow the business to continue to flourish.

The Loan Program features:


For Dealers participating in the LEGACY or Loan program, the Purchase program allows a Dealer a quick infusion of capital for growth initiatives. The Dealer continues to capture the service revenue and referral opportunities by continuing to be the primary point of contact with the customer.

Back Office

You know how to sell, install, and service systems. We know how to handle back office services and administrative headaches.

RMR Capital Group provides back office services to streamline your administrative operations and let you focus on your core business.  Leverage our administrative services to liberate your valuable time and resources to achieve your goals.

Benefits include:

Acquisition Support

Want to buyout your competition or expand your geographical footprint? RMR Capital Group provides financial support to Dealers who cannot secure capital from traditional banks. We provide financing based on the combined companies recurring revenue.

Across the Board Advantages for the Dealer

Start your Building your LEGACY at inquiries@rmr-capital.com or (866) 827-8116